Apr 04

HoldZall Target Holding System

The Wisconsin Trigger Company

HoldZall Target Holding System

Watertown, WI – (ShootingRangeTargets.com) – The Wisconsin Trigger Company announces its newest product, the HoldZall Target Holding System. The HoldZall is designed to hold a wide variety of items, allowing you to use them as targets.

HoldZall Target Holding System

HoldZall Target Holding System

From match sticks to beach balls, if you can fit a rubber band around the target item, the HoldZall will hold it. With the included couplers and straight rods, the HoldZall can be inserted into the ground and adjusted to the height you want the target to be.

HoldZall Target Holding System

Setting Low Targets with the HoldZall

  1. Push a target holder in the ground.
  2. Hold the desired target in place with a rubber band.

Setting High Targets with the HoldZall

  1. With the installing tool push a straight rod in the ground.
  2. Slide your choice of couplers on the straight rod.
  3. Slide a target holder in the coupler. The farther down you install the holder the less movement you will have at the top.
  4. Hold your desired target in place with a rubber band.

Introductory Sale Price Just $29.95

Learn more at: https://wisconsintrigger.com/product-category/military-surplus-and-collectibles/

The HoldZall Target Holding System and replacement parts are available at WisconsinTrigger.com.

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