Jun 25

Mason Target Systems Pacifica Electronic Target

A range demo of the Mason Target Systems Pacifica Electronic Target system. The Pacifica accurately detects bullet impacts and wirelessly sends them to the MTS mobile app on your iPad.

Mason Target Systems Pacifica Electronic Target System:

  • Pacifica Target Package:
    • 18″x18″x3/8″ AR500 target plate
    • Pacifica target frame
    • Target computer
    • Base station
    • 5 sensor modules (includes 1 replacement sensor)
    • Detachable wheels and carry handle
    • Spray paint stencil
  • To use the MTS Pacifica target you’ll need:
    • iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 (3rd-generation iPad or later)
    • Mason Target Systems app from the Apple App Store
  • Recommended Calibers:
    • Pistols: calibers with power equal to or greater than .22 rounds
    • Rifles: the Pacifica model is designed for pistol calibers.  Rifles may be used but may significantly decrease the system’s lifespan
    • Steel safety rules apply: do not shoot target with pistols closer than 15 yards, or 25 yards for magnum rounds.  Do not shoot target with rifles closer than 150 yards.  Shooting at closer distances will reduce the longevity of the target system
    • Bullet types: no steel core or hollow point rounds
  • Operating Tolerances:
    • Estimated temperature: 32°F – 113°F
    • Maximum recommended target range: 1,500 yards
    • Minimum safe distance:
    • Pistol: 15 yards (25 for magnum rounds)
    • Rifle: 150 yards
    • Recommended distance: to maximize the longevity of the target, shoot from longer distances when using larger calibers
  • Product Specifications:
    • Dimensions:
      • Shooting configuration:  29.5″ H x 19.75″ W x 31.50″ L
      • Storage configuration:  6.5″ H x 19.75″ W x 33.25″ L
    • Total weight: 80 lbs
    • Tilt: adjustable up to 16° forward or backward from vertical
  • Electronics:
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Estimated operational battery life: 12 hours
    • Estimated idle battery life: 16 hours
    • Charging voltage: 5V