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Jul 24

CTS Targets Review and Range Demo

From TheFirearmGuy, a review and range demo of AR500 targets from CTS Targets (Competition Target Systems). Steel targets shown include the Mini Silhouette Rifle Target, Tombstone Target, and an 8″ Round Target.   CTS Targets Mini Silhouette Rifle Target: 3/8” AR500 Steel Construction Laser Cut for Improved Hardness Retention Two mounting options with three holes …

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Oct 08

Triumph Systems Threat Down Silhouette Targets

The Bigshooterist Channel gives us an overview and range demo of the Threat Down Silhouette Targets from Triumph Systems.  

Jun 25

Mason Target Systems Pacifica Electronic Target

A range demo of the Mason Target Systems Pacifica Electronic Target system. The Pacifica accurately detects bullet impacts and wirelessly sends them to the MTS mobile app on your iPad. Mason Target Systems Pacifica Electronic Target System: Pacifica Target Package: 18″x18″x3/8″ AR500 target plate Pacifica target frame Target computer Base station 5 sensor modules (includes 1 …

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Apr 06

CroMagnon Targets Polymer Target Systems

Tim Cummins of CroMagnon Targets, and Jeff Quinn of GunBlast, treat us to an overview and range demo of the polymer target systems from CroMagnon Targets. This video features CroMagnon’s new yellow targets. CroMagnon Targets are made from a durable polymer that stands up to the toughest conditions. It can withstand impacts from many different calibers of …

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Mar 01

XSteel Targets AR500 ISIS Terrorist Target

The Daily Shooter reviews the AR500 ISIS Terrorist Target from XSteel Targets. This 3/8″ AR500 target is designed for heavy use with all pistol calibers and rifles up to .308. XSteel Targets AR500 ISIS Terrorist Target: Product Code: 38GFT Rated up to .308Win 3/8″ AR500 Perfect your ISIS headshot with this ISIS terrorist target! Size: 8″x12″ Target …

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