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Nov 21

Salute Targets Army Reflux Reactive Steel Target

A range demo of the Army Reflux Reactive Steel Target from Salute Targets. The ARMY Reflex Threat target was created by the US Army to teach soldiers how to instinctively neutralize targets in fast-moving life-or-death situations.  Used in combination with the rapid pace of the point shooting method, the target movement, paddle swing and distinctive …

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Nov 14

In Motion Targets Moving Target System

A setup and range demo of the Moving Target System from In Motion Targets. The AR500 Steel Target being used is from Precision Tactical.

Nov 12

Salute Double Tap Dueling Tree

A look at the Double Tap Dueling Tree from Salute Targets, which is designed to hone your double tap skills. You can only hit the rear dueling tree paddle once you have swung the forward paddle out of the way. The Double Tap Dueling Tree is available in an 8 paddle or 12 paddle configuration. Salute …

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Aug 20

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

An overview and range demo of Sonic Boom Exploding Targets, now available at Brownells.

Aug 15

LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans

LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans allow you to get in some shooting time, from the comfort of your couch. LaserLyte Laser Plinking Can Specs: Product Number: TLB-BWC Plinking Can Weight: 4.25 ounces/.12 kg Length: 3.82 inch/9.7 cm Diameter: 2.00 inch/5.1 cm Battery: 9V Battery Life: 8,000 Tip Overs

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