May 21

Action Target Releases New Guide On Steel Targets

Action Target

May 20, 2013 – PROVO, Utah — Action Target has released a new guide on steel targets for firearms shooters, backyard shooters, portable target shooters,  and small firearms range masters.

Action Target’s new guide states that “steel targets can be perfectly safe and a fantastic training tool if done right, but they can also be extremely dangerous if done wrong. It’s critical to understand what type of steel is being shot on, where it was made, etc. to avoid serious injury (or just avoid buying a poorly made target), especially in a day and age where everyone seems to ‘know a guy’ who can make steel targets for them in a welding shop.”

There is a significant difference in the quality of steel being used to make portable targets. Proper design is critical as even the best steel can’t compensate for poorly designed targets.

Steel targets can be fun and safe as long as they are made of quality steel and designed to produce predictable splatter. Shooting on poorly designed targets made of inferior steel can result in severe bodily harm. Safety is Action Target’s greatest concern. They have decades of experience manufacturing steel targets, and constantly conduct ballistic research to make sure the steel they use meets high standards. If you are looking for a steel target, trust Action Target to point you in the right direction.

Read this new guide and get more info about steel targets at www.actiontarget.com/the-truth-about-steel-and-steel-targets-part-2

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